Tattoo care instructions

You can remove the film at the earliest three hours after the tattooing process. Then you should wash the tattoo with lukewarm water and PH-neutral soap, carefully pat dry with a clean towel and rub in a thin, but careful layer of panthenol cream. You should now only mask off the tattoo during the first night so that it does not stick to the bed linen.

In the next two weeks you should rub the tattoo thrice a day thinly and gently with panthenol cream. With proper care, the tattoo should normally heal in about eight weeks.

After tattooing, cleanliness and correct care of the tattooed body part is the basis for optimal healing. A tattoo is an open wound during the healing phase (also called epithelization) and is therefore a target for viruses and bacteria. That's why you should never grab your freshly made tattoo with unwashed limbs. Please always remember, it is your body and in the worst case, inflammation can cause blood poisoning. The risk of infection with a tattoo is minimal, but not entirely impossible. Experience shows that most problems are caused by touching unwashed limbs, using detergents to which the body is allergic, or insufficient and improper care.

In addition, you should strictly avoid the following risks until you have completely healed after eight weeks:

  • Canting, snagging, pressure or getting caught on objects. Definitely don't scratch.
  • Sports that make you sweat profusely.
  • Contact with irritants. This includes sweat, make-up, cosmetics, shower gel and shampoo.
  • Baths in the bathtub, swimming pools or lakes, solariums, steam baths and sauna sessions.